Impregnation and cleaning

Nanobauer is a highly specialised range of products for building industry. The products are a support among others for impregnation and protection of buildings, cleaning and maintenance as well as enriching materials as well as additions in a form of special products.

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We are changingwith Nanostoneon Nanobauerod 2022 roku


Our know-how and personal experience in allow us to prepare the best products

Quality guaranteed

Each of our products is based on the latest technologies and designed with safety in mind

Global operations

Our products are used by countless happy customers all over the world

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Choose one of the brands that interest you. Nanobauer is a brand with products for the construction industry such as impregnations and nano-coatings, and Nanobauer Home is a series dedicated to your home with cleaning products and coatings!

Cleaners agents

The basic value of our products is the effectiveness and safety for the material. Each of our agents is adjusted to be used in each conditions and non-invasive for Your material.


The solutions used allow to protect building materials and buildings for the period of even 10 years. The complex offer is our reaction to the needs of Polish and foreign market.

Our technology

Our products introduce a completely new quality on the market, guaranteeing our Clients efficient solutions safe for the environment.

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