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The experience gained is not only chemistry but also everyday practice
Stone, brick and concrete erosion is a serious problem in most building structures. It causes physical degradation of both the interior and the outer layer of the substrate. The problem of stone erosion is very important in the case of new buildings and facades as well as historical architecture, the restoration of which is always associated with very high costs. Acid rain and chemical pollution are the main causes of mineral erosion. The erosion of our national heritage and the rising costs of restoration and replacement have focused attention on reducing these problems. In most cases, the use of preservatives and fungicidal salts are the main methods in the fight to preserve important architectural features. However, it often turns out that the effectiveness of traditionally used preparations is insufficient. As a result, scientists and researchers began to look for completely new solutions in the field of nanomaterials and nanotechnology for more effective and long-term protection of buildings. Thanks to the research, two main criteria were distinguished that must be met by preparations that protect buildings against erosion. Firstly, they must improve the compactness of the internal structure to strengthen the delicate pore structure, secondly, they must stop the rising of moisture transporting chlorides and acid substances inside, without limiting the vapor-permeable properties of the substrate - reduce the effects of salt crystallization.

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